Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day in the Life : Day 35

This is a partial repeat of the last post.

The Outfit of the Day

Linked Chain Necklace
Shown here 5ft Gold Fill Link Necklace

Chain Lengths

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Hammered Cuff Bracelets
Order As Shown (1 Small Sterling Silver, 1 Large Sterling Silver, 1 Small Gold Fill, 1 Large Gold Fill)

Cuff Bracelets (Set of 4)

Or for more options click here

Robert Lee Morris Hammered Bangles
We sell these. If you are interested e-mail me:

Sam Edelman "Hudson" Sandal in Gunmetal $129.00
I purchased them at Dillard's
Please excuse the gash in my toe!

Left to Right: Jade is the New Black, Mad as a Hatter

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