Monday, June 24, 2013

Rose Gold Goodies (Leather, Jewelry, Makeup & Hair)

I recently held a Giveaway on my YouTube Channel.  If you didn't win don't be disappointed there will be many more held in the future.  I just wanted to show the items given away because I think they are pretty amazing!  

First of all, I have always wanted one of the Rebecca Minkoff MAC/Mini MAC Handbags and when I saw the Black Leather with the Rose Gold Hardware I knew this was THE one.  So, I ended up purchasing the Larger size for myself and the Mini MAC as a giveaway prize.  

I used mine a lot while I was pregnant, but now that I am mommy I have been using my diaper bag.  

And as lovely as the bag is I still didn't feel it was quite enough to do as a giveaway for my subscribers (I have a tendency to over do things).  So, I thought I would keep it with the rose gold theme and since you all probably know that I LOVE jewelry I added one of my staple pieces!  The Lisa Taubes 42" Rose Gold Vermeil Link Chain (I'm wearing my 5' one in the video).  And then it kept growing.....

So, I added Makeup..... The Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Rose Gold (I forgot to show it in the video, but still thought I should include it). And the NARS And God Created the Woman Eye Palette Set...

And a Model Mirror (The Winner had a choice... she chose the Skull)... 

Hair - One of my favorite hair clips at the moment!

I didn't think Miss RavenLynn78 Would mind if I opened the eyeshadow to photograph.  I do also own both of these if anyone wants swatches.  

And it's always important when giving a wallet or a handbag to add in a dollar for good luck!  

And he's a comparison of the MAC (My Handbag) vs the Mini MAC.

I hope you all are having a great week!



Raven said...

You're right, you ALWAYS do the most amazing giveaways. I can't tell you how stoked (and shocked) I was to win. Seeing it all together has made me even more excited to receive it in the mail. Thanks again, Lorraine. You rock! <3 <3 <3

~Jamie (msraven78)

TheCurrentCustom said...

You're so welcome! I shipped it out today via UPS :-)

Rachel Ray said...

Where were you able to find the, with the dose gold hardware? I keep looking around but am having trouble finding any.