Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey Everyone!
If you are interested in anything please comment below with the following information:

1. The Item(s) in which you are interested.
2. Your e-mail for your paypal invoice
3. Shipping US ($3 & $.50 for each additional item) or International ($5 & $1 for each additional item)

This is first come, first serve.
No Returns!
And Thank YOU!


Colors appear lighter in pictures.

MAC 222 Tapered Blending Brush - $20 SOLD
MAC 214 Short Shader Brush - $18 SOLD
Louis Young Eye Shadow Brush (Not Sure of the Number) - $18

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder in 010 Brigten & 020 Suntan Matte Both for $15

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Ravishing - $9

MAC Lipstick in Creme de la Femme - $9 SOLD
MAC Lipstick in "Red" She Said - $11 PENDING

Urban Decay Lip Gunk in Hotpants $9

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme in 01 Pink Blush - $12
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place ShadowCreme in 02 Silver Leaf - $12 SOLD

Shiseido Hydro Powder Eyeshadow in H11 Rose Tulle - $10

MAC Liquidlast Liner in Visionaire - $11

Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Lucky - $11

MUFE Star Powder in 90951 - $14

Stila Precious Pearl Eye Shadow Palette - $30

Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow in Peace $8

Rimmel Clarifying Matte Foundation in 100 Ivory $5

Orly Bonder $5 SOLD
Sula Paint & Peel in Blush $5


JennyEckert said...

Mac blush in dame.

Maggie said...

ugh give me the damn pink glitter, please. WHY DO I SPEND SO MUCH MONEY.


JennyEckert said...

my email is jennyeckert@gmx.net

miisjenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...



MAC Glitter in Reflects Very Pink - $6
MAC Glitter in Reflects Bronze - $6
MAC Beauty Powder Blush in Sweetness - $14

Amie said...

MAC Beauty Powder in Summer Rose - $16 please :) amie@ncitsu.com

TheMakup101's said...

nars blush


Anonymous said...

Cab i put by

Chanel Soft Pressed Powder in 30 Rosee

NARS Blush in Deep Throat

MAC Powder Blush in Dame

Thanks lovely xox

Anonymous said...

MAC Powder Blush in Dame
Chanel Soft Pressed Powder in 30 Rosee
NARS Blush in Deep Throat

my email is charlotte.miller8@btinternet.com or charli__lou@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks lovely

TheMakup101's said...

mac cantaloupe too

kcdanagirl said...

mac blush in dame

kristine said...

mac blush in cantaloupe please. sweets569@hotmail.com

jess said...

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect
NARS Blush in Deep Throat MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent


shipping to UK


M said...

Nars Deep Throat blush please!


yoursforkeeps said...

Mac blush in sweetness, Mac blush in cantaloupe please!

email is alyssa.mopia@gmail.com

missbrittanyboo said...

Sweetness & Dame is other deals fall through


yoursforkeeps said...

MUFE Star Powder in 90951 please! Add to my canteloupe.

email: alyssa.mopia@gmail.com

yoursforkeeps said...

Along with cantaloupe and mufe star powder, can you add UD Peace please! Thank you!

jess said...

Hey, I made two orders for about 6 things so dunno if you have sent the others yet, but if you haven't I wondered how much express would cost? As I need them for next week.

thanks xx

*Kozziosko* said...

Hey Lorraine!
I am keen for the 2nd Pro Palette, are u willing to add another 3 refills to it for extra $$?

Lara said...

I would like mac cremeblush in Ladyship pls.

Lara said...

Hi interntional.
I would like Mac creamblush in Ladyship.

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

What kind of other colors?

Julie said...

Do you still have thw YSL lipstick? please let me know.

Julie said...

oh yeah and if you do still have the ysl lipstick my email is: japbaby242@hotmail.com

Xin said...

I want
Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in P Peach 47 - $15
Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in M Peach 43B - $15

My email address is:
please send me the invoice!!!

Xin said...

Hi, I want
Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in P Peach 47 - $15
Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in M Peach 43B - $15

my email address is
please send me the invoice~
love you!

*Kozziosko* said...

@Lorraine I was thinking maybe Girly, Hepcat & Jest?

Sung Ae said...


mac lipstick- ravishing

~*msakdesigns*~ said...

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in 9 - $25
MAC Lipstick in "Red" She Said - $11

International shipping

Also I would like to know what the pigmentation of the YSL Eye Shadow Duo in 17 Ivory Beige/Deep Black - $35 is like? Is it good quality?

Mika said...

hy,do you still have the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powders?
i want them.
my e-mail: lil_lady_beea@yahoo.com


yoursforkeeps said...

Im interested in the first palette

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

Ok... How about $7 a piece so an additional $21?

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

The YSL Lipstick is pending....
I haven't even swatched the eyeshadow. I assume that it's nice though because I love the other YSL shadows.

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...


What is your e-mail?

~*msakdesigns*~ said...

Hi Lorranie

Is the MAC Red she said - $11 lipstick still4 sale?
International shipping

my email is sweet_a22@hotmail.com

Hilla said...

YSL Blush Variation in 11 Beige Fusion - $25


Anonymous said...

Hi, will you accept $30 for the YSL Shadow duo 17 ? If so, my email is anasmarco@gmail.com

putrikardinal said...

hey just checking if you've received my comment from yesterday, about the second pro pallete :)
if you didnt get it.
id like to buy -

MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette with 9 Pro Palette Refill Pans in:
Rule, Haux, Expensive Pink
Contrast, Dazzlelight, Mythology
Silver Ring, Gesso, Antiqued - $85, if its still available.
for international please. (australia)

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

What is your e-mail?

Hilla said...

Hey !

I just paid that YSL blush =)
I'm so excited that i figured out how to use paypal :D:D So now i'm just waiting for my lovely blush!<3

thank you Lorraine!

putrikardinal said...

putri.kardinal@hotmail.com :)

putrikardinal said...

paid! :)
plmk when it's shipped!
thank youuu xx

yoursforkeeps said...

Hi Lorraine!

Just wondering whether the other person was still interested in the three other colors (jest, hepcat, girly) of the first palette, if not.. I'd like to request replacing yogurt with hepcat if that is possible, still keeping the rest the same. Thank you!


Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

Someone purchased the entire other palette.

The Pink Palette is still available as shown.

Ray said...


I am interested on your Mac Pallette w/eyeshadows and YSL's eyeshadow, however , would you take $100 for all? Please let me know, my e mail address is jm7019@hotmail.com.

thank you in advance

Maiqui Louise said...

Hi Lorraine,

Can I please grab the Stila convertible in Lilium and and also the two Korres eyeshadows please? I'm in Australia. My paypal email ad is maiquilouisegonzales@gmail.com.


aeonflux707 said...

MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette with 9 Pro Palette Refill Pans


nicolec87 said...

hey is the pink palette sold yet? if not i will but it:)


Please sell more makeup!

Maiqui Louise said...

Hi Lorraine,

I ordered the two Korres eyeshadows and the Stila cream blush quite a while ago and it still hasn't arrived. Mind you, I am in Australia, do you know how long it usually takes to arrive?

PS, do you mind deleting this comment once you've received it as I don't want my whole name published but I don't have a blog acct.

Thanks :)