Saturday, August 29, 2009, Contest Prize(s) & Macbook Advice

NARS Pleasures of Paris Palette
(Left) (Center) (Right)
Nepal - Violetta - Demon Lover
Fez - Abyssina - Cordura

NARS Essential Eye Palette (9952)
(Left) (Center) (Right)
Unconditional Love - Night Star - Galapagos
Nepal - Ondine - Thunderball

Dolce & Gabbana The Mascara

Lancome Artiliner in Noir
I will be giving away these in my upcoming contest!


Anonymous said...

is the artliner waterproof? does it come in more than one color? mostly i wear black but a navy would be nice. thanks lorraine!

Nicole said...

i bought a macbook a few months ago and .. i don't know how i lived without it. i used my old IBM that i still have the other day and just thought.."This is a piece of shit!" lo

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

I don't believe the Artliner is waterproof, but it stays on the best of all I have tried. And I have never had a problem with smudging.

I know. I love my Macbook Pro!

idlepastime said...

yes lorraine, return it. I am not a huge of vaio myself. I THINK macbook pro is the best option. its one of the best ones out there. Air has some bad reviews. Dont get it unless you just fall in love with it. hope this helps

Mallory said...

That Pleasures of Paris palette is gorgeous! My nearest Saks is about an hour away but I might have to make the trip!

SweetFurr said...

thanks for the recommendation of the eyeliner, I'm gonna order one to try :D

Shima said...

Your hauls are always totally drool-worthy haha. And the NARS palettes look lovely!

As for your computer, I'd go with the MacBook Pro. My father has the Air for travel convenience but the only good thing about it is that it's lightweight and pretty. For the price, it's really slow and has lots of missing features- totally not worth it.


Tracy said...

I love NARS eyeshadow palette, but they're all starting to look similar. Which one do you prefer? Pleasures of Paris or the Essential Palette? Thanks!

christylin said...

Hey Lorraine,

I have a question since you seem to know the NARS brand. I found this palette on ebay and it is says NARS, but I've never seen a palette in this size. Do you know if NARS has ever made something like it?