Friday, April 27, 2012

What I'm Using Presently 6! Plus, Chantecialle Haul!

My husband and I recently traveled to New Orleans.  And while we were there we went in Saks.  They had a Chantecaille counter, so, I thought I would finally try some of their products.  And I am so glad I did.  They are AMAZING!  

So, for this past week I have been using my newly found loves as well as a couple other things!


Chaneticalle Compact Makeup in Camel  - This Powder has to be one of the top powders I have ever used.  I am debating on if it is actually my favorite ever.  It has a very silky smooth feeling and does not leave you looking cakey.  

Chantecialle Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation in Shea -  This is a very lightweight foundation with great coverage.  I like that it's made of ingredients that not only protect your skin, but heals it as well.  This too may be my favorite foundation.    


YSL Bronzing Powder in 3 - This is a lovely matte shade.  I like it because it isn't overly dark and has a nice build able color.  
Chantecialle Cheek Color in Delight -  Like all the other Chantecialle products this too is beyond good. And the color is a very pretty pink-coral that I feel would look good on several different skin tones.  I look forward to going to a Chantecialle counter and looking at their other colors.  


MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Summer Haze - It's a really pretty Champagne color great for this Spring/Summer!
Laura Mercier Metallic Creame Eye Colour in Rose Rold - I love the Metallic Cream Eyeshadows, but something about the consistency of this particular color is different.  It doesn't apply nicely with fingers, it did require a brush for smooth application.  

(both applied with the MAC 234 Brush)


Tom Ford Lipstick in Nude Vanille  - This is my favorite color and brand of lipstick at the moment.  Tom Ford's lipsticks are nice matte colors with silky smooth application.  They feel really great on the lips.  

Chantecialle Brillant Gloss in Mirth -  These are one of the best lip glosses I have ever used.  They are smooth.  Have no scent and are not sticky.  The particular color I purchased is nice, but it doesn't wow me.  I am definitely going to see what other colors they have to offer.

What products are you really liking this week?


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Kristin said...

I would say my favorite products this week(when I actually wear makeup) are, too faced milk chocolate solei, too faced duo highlighter, benefit oxygen foundation, liplicious lip gloss in hot cakes and I have re-found my loreal linear intense eye liner. Nothing fancy, just what works good for me really. :)