Friday, October 23, 2015

How to : Improve Pool Deck | Behr Concrete Stain

Before & After 

We recently purchased a new home.  It has a ton of great features, but it needs a bit of work.  The first task we decided to tackle was the pool and pool deck. 

The pool prior to any change.  

The first thing we did was drive down to the pool supply store and purchase a ton of chlorine and other pool cleaning supplies.  I have no idea how much my husband put in the pool, but it made a huge difference almost immediately.  

My husband took a deck broom and scrubbed the pool deck with chlorine.   This cleaned the deck, but also prepared it for the concrete stain.

The husband scrubbing.

The cleaned pool deck.  

My Father-in-law already owned the Behr Concrete Stain in the color Fresh Cement.  It's what he uses on his pool deck.  He brought what he had over for us to test out.  

Although, it was a huge improvement it wasn't exactly what I had in mind (I wanted white).   The stain soaked up in the patio and required quite a few coats.  

Behr Concrete Stain in Fresh Cement.

We ended up going to Home Depot to purchase 5 Gallons of the concrete stain along with a fluffier roller brush (to soak up the stain better). 

Standing on the Behr Concrete Stain in Fresh Cement.

We chose the Behr Concrete Stain in Ultra Pure White 6050.  I still took a booklet home to make sure that I made the right decision.  I did!

And two liberal coats later we had a very white pool deck! I don't think it could have turned out any better.  

Behr Concrete Stain in Ultra Pure White 6050

Another view of the Behr Concrete Stain in Ultra Pure White

We still have a lot to do on our house and I would love to take you all on the journey with us!

If you have any questions about the Behr Concrete Stain feel free to comment below.  It was a very easy product to use and it made a huge improvement.  

Thanks for checking this post out!


Sara Petrucci said...

I think we all need to see an house tour!
You pool does look amazing though, I would love a pool but I live in the UK, theres no point cause it's always cold!

Morgan Hudson said...

Lorraine! I started watching YouTube and your daily blogs were the highlight of my subscription feed- I love the style of the follow me around, and you candid opinions on life. I'd love you see you post your blogs again, especially with your new house!!

KÉSIENA said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. It looks so clean and fresh almost like a painting. The artist who painted "The big splash" comes to mind when I look at your pool. :-)
Have you had a swim yet?:-)