Thursday, October 22, 2015

How to : Pot A Plant

I have been plant obsessed lately. Well, over the weekend there was a Plant Festival.  Naturally, I had to go.  I packed up my son at 7:45AM and we made our way down to buy some plants.  

Graham had never rode in his Radio Flyer before.  He seemed to enjoy it.  He had a bottle of water, a toy truck and some peanuts (to feed the birds and squirrels along the way).  

When we arrived he wanted to pull the wagon.  

We left with White Birds of Paradise.  They were 3 for $20.  It was a deal that I could not pass up.  I love these plants because of their huge palm like leaves.  

We have a lot of work to do on our new house.  And I'm not really sure where I want to plant these at the moment because they get HUGE (10'-20')! So, for now I am just going to pot them.   I also thought this could be a great opportunity for me to start blogging again.

Now let me show you How I Pot My Plants: 

Step 1 :  I measured the plastic pots that the plants were in originally.  They were roughly 9" in diameter and height.  

I went to a local nursery and purchased these terracotta pots.  They are roughly 15" in diameter and height.  I wanted something larger that gave the plants some extra growing room.  

Step 2 :  I took the plant to check and see roughly how much potting soil I need to put in the bottom of the pot to get it to the right height.  

Step 3 : I took a rock and placed it at the bottom of the pot to cover the hole.  I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but this rock is U-shaped and covers the hole, but it's still lifted to allow water to escape.   You can also use wire mesh. I just didn't have any at the moment.   

This step keeps the potting mix in while still allowing water to escape.  

Step 4 :  I filled the bottom of the pot with potting soil.  

Step 5 :  I'm just checking to make sure the plant will be at the right height.  

Step 6 :  I'm tapping all the sides of the plastic pot.  This helps loosen the plant for easier removal.  

Step 7 :  The plant is out!

Step 8 :  I broke up the roots to give them a little room to grow! 

Step 9 : I'm centering the plant into the pot.  

Step 10 :  I filled and patted the gaps with potting mix.  

Step 11 :  Completely Saturate the Plant.  

Step 12 : All Wet! 

All Done!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Thanks for checking it out!

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KÉSIENA said...

I love planting too when it's warm and not raining. (I live in London)
I'm so happy you're back to blogging again I really enjoy reading your blog along with your videos.
Lots of love from London. Xx