Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Favorites (Cosmetics, Camera & Shoes)


Tattooed Tealady said...

Some lovely April favourites here! :) xo

noga said...

Lorraine what brand of a pencil liner u rscommend for a super sensitive eye especialy on the waterline since u have senditive ryes ad well

Veronica said...

Good to see the Dior BB cream is working out!

xx Veronica


Sara said...

Always great advices Lorraine! Thank you eheh

I am now very curious to try the Dior BB Cream!

Don't you like LUSH products ? I recently discover them, and they have great face&body products!

Kiss from Portugal,


Bread, Butter And Fashion said...

I love your makeup Lorraine, it's always so classy and appropriate.. and I also love your blog, even if it is not good for my finances because every day you entice me to buy something new!
hugs from Italy!

Elisabetta - Bread, Butter & Fashion

Elise said...

you're such a cutie. i had to go out and buy a buxom lipgloss because of you & i love it! first lip gloss i've had that ACTUALLY plumps.