Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1/52 in Pictures

I decided for 2017 I want to become a little more organized.  I take a lot of pictures, but I don't look back on them too often.  I thought I could make weekly blog posts showing my favorites.  So, here is my week in Unedited Photos.

We lit sparklers.  

We took my Dad up to St. Petersburg for some very delicious coffee at Bandit Coffee.  

He enjoyed their Cortado. 

We also stopped at the Italian Market while we were there.  We will definitely be going back soon!

Felix turned 6 Months Old.  I took some photos that have yet to be edited.  

Felix also started Solid Foods.  First, Sweet Potatoes.  

We got a new rug. I think I like it, but I am still a bit unsure. 

More Sweet Potatoes. 

Looking very cool in his big brother's sunglasses. 

3 Days Later he tried Green Beans for the first time! 

He has enjoyed food.  

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