Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I personally hate breakfast. And it's not because I hate eating in the morning, it is because I hate American Breakfasts. Do not get me wrong I love America, but the idea of a typical American Breakfast disgusts me.

Eggs, Bacon, Toast, hash browns, pancakes, sausage, waffles, omlettes... it's all just too much for the morning. Too hearty!


Pretty in Pink said...

hahaha <3 This picture actually does make breakfast food look really disgusting. I always have to eat SOMETHING in the morning, but something light like nonfat yogurt, granola, or fresh fruit.

I also can't drink juice or coffee in the morning. Don't know why. Just water.

bubblegarm said...

mmm I dont blame you, thats such a heavy breakfast. I tend to have cereal/porrige or a mediterranean style breakfast - toast, eggs, olives, salad, cheese.. tea.. mmmm :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot like an Ulster Fry, the speciality breakfast here in Northern Ireland. I love them on a Sunday morning but certainly couldn't stomach it every day, plus I'd be the size of a house LOL
I'm a toast and spread gal xo

Aleksis said...

Mmmmm I love American breakfast, but I'm German so they are about the same in comparison...I usually just have fruit and tea in the morning, but it's only because I care about my weight!

smiley13tree said...

the breakfasts in the UK are pretty heavy too. they have eggs, sausages, beans (which i love), bacon and a lot like in America too.