Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Sale Question....

I am going to have a Blog Sale.... This is all I have decided I can part with thus far, but I still feel I have way too much.

How do you determine how much to sell things for? I barely put a dent in any of this stuff.


jojos4eva said...

no idea but im eyeing up all your lipsticks and mac e/s! lol ill def be partaking in your sale if im not late :p

Anonymous said...

Depends on how fast you want to sell it. When I list things for sale (on if I want to get rid of it fast I sell it for about 1/2 price of what I paid for it new + $2 for shipping.

If its LE and not used much I'd sell it for a little bit more.

Good luck! I'm checking back to see!

Sarah said...

I would say people would be willing to pay close to retail minus a few dollars, especially with the hard to find/limited edition items (Hello Kitty, MSF's etc).

Then again it is your blog and sale so you can charge what you like! :)

Perhaps have a look on ebay for the items to get a better idea. That is what I usually do before I privately sell things.

LOVEVAS said...

usually ppl take off 10% of the item they originall bought it for and full price for the new stuff (: i see a few things i may be interested in Lorraine. u are tempting me! ahh i shouldnt be buying n e makeup >.<*

Anonymous said...

Hey hun,
you got some nice stuff there. If I were you I'd sell the stuff for like 60% of what you paid for it.
I do this when I sell stuff and it seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Check to see how much things are going for on auction site's, and price yours accordingly.

tina_mbc said...

I haven't done a blog sale, but it seems to me that it depends on how much they 've been used...
I guess below retail, but not that low, since they are as good as new...Dunno if I make any sense...
Hope I helped a :) xx

Jen said...

Hey Lorraine! I'm having a blog sale too!!! :)
But of COURSE I will have to check yours out!!!!
I basically just decided on what I thought was fair for the items I had. If it is used, I look at retail price and just sell it at a cheaper price, depending on how used it is...if it's still brand new I just pick what I think is a fair price. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SALE!!! I'll be waiting! :)

Aleksis said...

From selling things on livejournal and Specktra here are around normal pricing:
(this all includes shipping)
New lipstick/barely used: $11
New eyeshadow/barely used: $9 (people normally buy more than one so they'd like them to be cheaper)
Lipglass: $11-$12
Pigments: depends on what you have; looks like you have mauvement which I have seen goes for $18...ones that are less rare/permanent sell for around $16
NARS: knock off around like $6 per NARS stuff didn't sell nearly as well as MAC for some reason..:/
Pigment vials: again depends on what it is but they sell mostly for around $10..add on a dollar or 2 for the more rare ones

*You can always start off with whatever you feel is resonable and then if no one wants to buy you can have a 'sale' on your sale..or you can offer deals if someone wants to buy a lot of items. hope this helps! :)

Zoeey said...

I'd say look at the original price, and if you've only used a little take away like 4-6 dollars from the original price. :) x

sabrina said...

i would love to buy some of those e/s, lipstick and nars products. i think maybe 1/2 the price you payed or a few dollars more.

courtney said...

mmmm im wondering what color lipsticks you have!! i want some :)

Lush19 said...

Bring on the SALE!!!! You have some really good products there! I'm eyeing up the e/s and Nars!

Great idea Lorraine

Webmaster said...

Hi Lorraine,
and i am interested in MAC e/s Cork, Deep Shade and Dear Cupcake.

Also this is international shipping :)

waiting for your reply :)


Lorena said...

Hey Lorraine,

Just updating you and letting you know that I finalized my purchase for the Mac cork and honey lust e/s!

Take care!

YMH24 said...

I want to buy many things. Can i still know what's available please? If the make up forever palette is available i'll def. buy that and a few eye shadows

iveegirl1133 said...

Hi Girlie! I'd like to buy the stila ulta gloss if it's still available!