Friday, June 19, 2009

My Computer = Done

This is what you see when you computer's hard drive decides to DIE! Grrrrr

Yep, I lost everything! It's kind of upsetting.

Luckily, my father is letting me borrow his, but I need a new one.

Maybe, I can purchase one for my birthday :::cough::: July 9th :::cough:::

Anyone want to donate to Lorraine's Computer Fund, haha...

PS I will probably be doing another blog sale in the near future



Amy Chance said...

That happened to me about six months ago. Absolutely devastating! You don't realize how much you depend on it. To make things worse, I had a .mac account which would have backed everything up, if only I had set it to do that... I feel your pain!

Pretty in Pink said...

Awww Lorraine! I definitely know how it feels. I have horrible luck with computers! Anyway, my laptop bit the dust a couple weeks ago, so I wrote an angry letter to the customer service of the manufacturer saying that I was disappointed with their product and their customer service. It worked, I got a brand new computer shipped to me. Something worth trying.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorraine, don't panic! This happened to my MacBook a couple of weeks ago and I (NOT computer-savvy) was able to fix it myself. (It took courage, not brains to fix it. If you're scared, see if you can get a friend to do it, or take it to the Apple store.) Sadly, I did lose everything, but on the bright side, it only cost me about $100 to fix.

I got a new hard drive at Office Depot and some screw drivers at Radio Shack and free instructions online. Instructions are here:

I figured I had nothing to lose, because I was prepared to buy a new computer anyway. :P

Meggiepooh said...

Dang. Way too much in common. We both live in in the same area/mall, love makeup and we both have birthdays in July. btw, i loved the note with the pigment! I'm very pleased it would be nice to shop another one of your fabulous blog sales! :)

PeachPalette said...

I had my hard drive give out last summer. Apparently a faulty power cord to my laptop caused a short circuit and I lost all my work. Luckily I had some of it saved on my old PC.

Funnily enough? I had my power cord replaced twice and a new battery because I thought that was the problem then BAM, my screen went black.

-Peach Palette

Tali said...

Sorry tohear that.. it happened to me a few years back and i was devestated!

The worst thing is that laptops cost as much as a whole new laptop to get fixed!!

Keep hinting to your dad!

connie said...

That happened to mine a year after I purchased it. Thankfully it was still under warranty. I have since started using my external hard drive religiously in the event that it happens again.