Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amy Chance's Polish, International Swap with Helen & Contest Prize from Holly!

If you all don't know already I think Amy Chance is the best!

So, if you are reading this Amy.....You are the best!

I think you all should think she's the best too....

She made and sent me....

My lovely new Polish made by the lovely and talented Amy Chance!

Here's the Video of Amy Chance explaining how she makes the polish:

So, I have always wanted to do a international swap. The time finally came when I saw that Cetaphil Cleanser was now available in the UK, but it was in different packaging! If you know me, you know I am a sucker for packaging! I knew I needed it.

Helen of offered to purchase it for me as well as sending me other goodies from the UK. I am very grateful! Thank you, Hele!

In return I sent her some things from the US!

also purchased me Gosh Eyeliner in Bananas, Gosh Soft'N Shine Lipbalm in Barbie & Gosh Lipstick in Darling. I also received them in my Swap with Laura aka Talluluh Bella here's the blog post if you want swatches.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush
I was told that this is available for purchase at Sally's in the US!

Cetaphil UK vs. Cetaphil US

Barry M
Dazzle Dust
(Top Left) 99, (Top Right) 88, (Bottom) 39

Barry M
Nail Paint in Baby Pink (119) & Nails Inc. in Portobello Market

And I know what you are thinking Amy Chance's Polish and Nails Inc. look very similar. WRONG! They don't! Check it out! Both Lovely, but both completely different!

I totally forgot to show these in the video! They are amazing! I have been wanting the girls aloud lashes ever since I saw all the Beauty Bloggers talking about them! I am so excited now!

Plus, Cheryl Cole is the hot one!

I am going to see if I can purchase a Girls Aloud CD in the US tomorrow, does anyone know if I can?

Holly, Thank you so much!

Holly has one of the best beauty blogs. She always buys such beautiful things and has great opinions to offer!

Check out her blog:

My Contest Prize from Holly!


Shirley B. Eniang said...

So lovely!
Yup i agree Cheryl is the HOT one!

Love u Lorraine!


Holly said...

thanks Lorraine, so glad you liked the prizes and other little treat!!if you ever want to do a swap let me know!!xx

MissGlamTan said...

''Plus, Cheryl Cole is the hot one!''
damn right lorriane she is-these lashes are amazing-i wore them to see Beyonce-love them x

kelci said...

Which GA cd were you trying to get? I always buy them online because they're never in the US.

Cheryl is stunning!! Love her voice as well : )

Anonymous said...

i love barry m !
Good swap !

*Kozziosko* said...

those Barry M dazzle dusts are gorgeous. I haven't seen them here in Australia! Damn!

PeachPalette said...

I totally blame my friend Demetria for getting my hooked on Girls Aloud. First she eased me into Sugababes then threw Girls Aloud at me.

I don't even know if you can get their CD here, maybe in the international section of HMV. I should check that out Thursday when I go to metrotown, I need more eyeliner anyways.