Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was tagged by the lovely Tina! Thank you for tagging and do not forget to follow her blog as well!

This is the Love/Hate Tag. These are things I Love/Hate on myself. I am sure they may be acceptable on someone else, maybe YOU. Just not me!

Hope you Enjoy!




I LOVE Baby Pink, Nude Lips, Matte light colors. Or no lipstick at all.


I hate lipsticks with shimmer. I also hate lipstick that have brown tones. Only because they do not suit me.



Skin that looks flawless. Glowing skin. And a nice bronzer and highlight!


That I take so much care of my skin. And it's not perfect. My friends that have perfect skin barely take care of their skin. It just shows it has a lot to do with genetics.



Messy Hair! Long hair! Brown Hair! Blonde Hair! Red Hair! Sexy Bedhead! Big Hair! Porn star Hair!


How short my hair is! Layers that turn your hair into a mullet! Flipped up layered short hair. Zebra hair (too much of a contrast, stripey highlights/lowlights)



Neutral Smokey Eyes. Mascara. False Lashes. Winged Eyeliner. White Eyeliner. Flesh toned Eyeliner. No eye makeup at all.


Colors on my eyes. I need to learn that my eyes are green and I need to play that up rather than continuing to try and add extra colors.



Soft skin. Slightly tanned, but not overdone.


Orange Skin. Dry Skin. Hairy Skin.

Feel Free to join in on the Tag!


tina_mbc said...

Hands down, among the best responses!!!

Yay for Porn-star hair, now here's an idea for a tutorial!!! ;)))

Many thanks for the shout-out Lorraine!


Belle Du Jour said...

LOVE messy hair/ porn star hair. That is my mantra everyday waking up. baby pink lips/ nude lips are a must have...have you tried By Terry Rose Baume. It is PERFECT for baby pink lips with super hydration.

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

@Belle Du Jour No I have not! I need to try that!

jesuiseval said...

I think that having imperfect skin even though you take such care of it has to do with all the products we put on our skin. I used to do this, now I just do a nice deep cleaning once a week, and don't put too many creams/lotions/moisturizers on during the week. Also, I do NOT wear makeup when I'm at home anymore and my skin has improved amazingly!

Missy~Ann said...

I totally agree on the layers that turn your hair into a mullet! I am a cosmetologist and I usually just cut my own hair but one day I let one of my coworkers put some layers in my hair . . . big mistake! I ended up cutting 4 inches off just to make it not look like a mullet! So my hair is short now too, I feel your pain!

Hanako66 said...

very cool tag...I love it!

Anonymous said...

hi Lorraine i just done this tag cause i thought it looked fun and it was

i have friends like that with super amazing skin and mine is just crappy and ive tried a bizillion potions and lotions to improve my skin hehe