Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lorraine LOVES! Lorraine WANTS!

UPDATE: Thanks everyone! It's Roberto Cavalli Vogue Reused the picture from April 2008... I am still hoping to find it, if anyone sees it, let me know!

Dear Somebody,

I found this bikini on page 72 in Vogue (June 2009 Edition). I really really want it! Vogue does not list who makes it. It's beautious! Does anyone know who makes this? Or have any guesses... If you can tell me exactly I will be forever in debt!



Marissa said...

sweety i wish i could help you! im trying to google it but theres nothing and apparently youre not the only one.. the're 4 other girls looking for it. one of them wrote this: " please keep looking. post it in forums and other forums "

hope it helps! =)

Sam p said...

OMG GORG!!!!!!
i did my searching but i cant find it but i have a feeling i will find it lol

in the mean time follow this feed


Anonymous said...

For the bikini, you should check what page it is, and then go to the back index thingy of the magazine, there's usually like a shopping section and then just look up that page number where the bikini was and it should say there.


smiley13tree said...

That is beautiful! I love the halter. I haven't seen it anywhere else though.

Preya said...

Oh gosh it's a gorgeous swim suit. it definitley would frame your body well,a nd look very nice on you! i am pretty sure you have checked the back of vogue as well right? they usually list everything back there. if not email their customer service with the page, and issue and everything. thats what i did when i desperatley wanted to find this top! you must update us on what youre going to do! iwant to see if you get it or not. :)

Erinmarie said...

hey girl its by Roberto Cavalli, it was in an older issue of vogue, the one Gisele on the cover!

sternchenslove said...

That bikini looks really hot! I think it´s perfect for you! Good luck!

Tabitha Sheridan said...

wow, that is gorgeous! I Wish i knew who made it too! xo

Lorena said...

Hey Lorraine,

I tried looking as hard as I could and what I found out is that your not the only one looking for it.. But I found some bikinis that are similar by a company called Zimmerman.. They are in the same family as the bikini your looking for.. Hope I helped :)

Anonymous said...

It's from a April 2008 issue, so it's not available anymore...

RoyalBarbieTM said...

I searched everywhere for this for you, but I just couldn't find it! I did however find a similar style on this site:

It's just black, but still adorable. Best of luck to you in finding it!

Zoella. said...

Wowee, it's gorgeous. I shall have a nosey and see. Is it an english vogue or american? xxx

Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom said...

@Marrisa & Sam p Thanks that was all I could find to, but apparently the re used the picture from April 2008 so the bikini is old =(

@BebeDollx21 I tried it wasn't listed. And it was because they reused the pic from April 2008

@smiley13tree I know right! It's love!

@Preya Thanks! They didn't list it in the back... It's old I guess they reused the photo from April Vogue 2008 It's Roberto Cavalli... I don't know if I'll be able to find it =(

@Erinmarie Thank you! It's disappointing that they didn't put one up that I will be able to find, but I'll still try!

@sternchenslove Thanks!

@Tabitha Sheridan It's Roberto Cavalli! But it's old =(

@Lorena Thanks so much, I found out it's by Roberto Cavalli, but it's old so I am going to look into that Zimmerman company! <333

@Nazim I hate that they reused the picture! Thanks, such a sad thing =(

@RoyalBarbieTM Thanks! I am going to check that out! =)

@Zoella It's American, but apparently they reused the picture from an older magazine =(