Thursday, June 4, 2009

International Cosmetic Swap with Laura (TalluluhBella)

International Cosmetic Swap with TalluluhBella, do not forget to check out her blog!

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

in 98(top left), 97 (top right), 89(bottom left), 96(bottom right)

beautyuk eye shadow collection in 2

Barry M Lip Paints in 145-Punky Pink, 146-Dolly Pink & 147-Peachy Pink

I purchased the Barry M Lip Paints in 145 & 146 after reading Bubblegarm's Blog.
And then was sad that I had already placed my order when I saw that Hele purchased 147.

But now I am a happy camper because Laura sent me 147!

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling(134) & Gosh Soft'n Shine Lip Balm in Barbie(30)

Gosh Waterproof Eye Shadow in Love That Platinum I, Gosh Velvet Touch Eye liner in 006 Bananas, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in LE4

Nails Inc.
in In Style Coral & Barry M Nail Paint in 279 Bright Pink


Vanessa said...

I am a total barry m lover ever since my swap with urbanblushkitty! Its like drugstore nars! Pure love I tell ya. I also can't get enough of my beautyuk palette great for adding the small pop of color we all sometimes need =) I should comment u more cuz I read ur blog all the time and u know I heart ya

Crystal said...

I really want to try Barry M products. I wish they sold it here in the U.S.

sternchenslove said...

I definitely need some Barry M products. That looks amazing!

Tali said...

Im from the uk.. Im not a fan of BarryM. I find it drying on the lips and the packaing is soo cheap. Then again.. I ave about 5 lipsticks and the bronzer because I have no self controll when it comes to shopping..ugh!

Maybe its because im a make-up snob but I try to avoid BArryM if I can!! However GOSH products I seriously love. They have some amazing glosses and pigmented lip/eye liners.

Tali said...

ps. that aside you are looking great. Hope you are settling in with the bf well. Hope you havent had too much sock dilema yet! (Just wait... hell produce more socks in winter.. im still finding my boys under the sofa all the time)